Our approach

New beginnings

Law can be contentious and litigious. That's just how the system is built. But it doesn't need to be stressful and dehumanizing as well. We'll work day and night on your behalf and also make sure you're involved with what's happening so you can get through this period to new beginnings and a brighter future. Call us when you're ready. We are here to help.

Respect, listen, trust

Many law firms will give you just two choices for your defense: whether to plead guilty, or whether to testify at trial. That’s it. You’re in, you’re out, you’re done. We’re not interested in practicing that kind of law.

The success and well-being of our clients deserves and requires more time and focus. We listen, get you involved, keep you informed, and make sure you’re treated with trust and respect at every step along the way.

We all make mistakes in life—some much bigger than others—but the path to resolution doesn’t run through “just sit there and listen” town. A winning strategy and one that you can live with means working to find the answers and solutions together. We’ll lead—we know the law inside and out—but you’re a big part of this as well. You should be anyway, but you also need to be.

And because we’re focusing on listening and respect, our mutual trust can really pay off. Do you dispute the evidence? Done. We’re going to check and recheck the facts at every step of the way. And then we’ll check the way the facts were gathered, the quality of previous facts, witness interviews, and more. We’re firm believers in the old addage that when you “assume” you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” Okay—old comedy, but very true.


Did we mention we’re local? We’re born and raised in Arizona—in fact, our families go back five generations here. We speak Spanish, we know the culture and customs, our friends live and work here. This background is often very important for helping us understand situations in their full context and building you the best defense.


We’ve already successfully handled hundreds if not thousands of cases. Many things are in common—the paperwork, the preparation, the court time, the legal issues and strategies. So having been there done that is important so we can focus on the things that make your situation unique.


Our experience is important when it comes to guiding our approach, but keeping it personal is where we really differentiate ourselves: we don’t practice cookie-cutter law. If you’re looking for a boilerplate legal defense where you practically need to wear a nametag in court so your attorney can remember your name, you’re in the wrong place. If you want someone who understands both the law and your unique situation, we’re your team.

Making court time count

Once we get to court with your case—if it even goes that far—we’re going to be ready to win. We’re not going to file useless motions or sit helplessly by while the prosecution runs you out of town on a rail. Our motionsĀ  will have merit because they’ll be backed by the researched facts and issues of your unique situation. And when the court listens, you win.

Get started

Give us a call when you’re ready. The first one-hour consultation is free. If you don’t think we’re the right firm for you, no hard feelings. And if you do, we’ll stick by your side through thick and thin.