Practice areas

Criminal defense law & Family law

We've handled hundreds of criminal cases over the years, from first degree murder to drug sales and trafficking, armed robbery, aggravated assault, vehicular homicide and DUI. In family law—which can also be quite traumatic—we work on matters from prenuptials to child custody and everything in between.

Criminal defense

Every person and every criminal case is unique. We understand that every client has special circumstances, needs and concerns. That’s part of why we are so good at what we do. We get it—it’s not just something we put on our website. It’s how we practice law. And it’s why we handle some of the toughest criminal defense cases in all of Arizona—murders, robberies, aggravated assaults, sex crimes, drug-related crimes and vehicular homicides.

Our complete case file reads like a full season of Law & Order. Although many other attorneys in our area only handle some specific type of case, we are prepared to aggressively and vigorously represent all criminal cases.

We handle death penalty cases. We handle felony cases and work relentlessly protect our clients’ rights and interests. And we handle a wide range of misdemeanors. Why? Because effective legal representation in these circumstances is crucial. You might think that misdemeanor charges are almost a do-it-yourself type of law, but you would be wrong. Even misdemeanor convictions can have a serious and lasting effect on your life.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, don’t risk it. Our state has some of the harshest criminal penalties in the nation. Certainly don’t try to go it alone, and don’t just assume that the best course of action is to hire the most expensive lawyer money can buy, or see what a public defender can do or cop a plea. If you’re in a serious situation and need serious help, we’re the first ones you should call.

Family law

The Carrillo Law Firm represents clients in the full range of family law matters, from prenuptial agreements to divorce, custody, wills and more.

Family law issues can be contentious and emotionally taxing. We have the experience and legal skill you need, and importantly, you have our full and undivided attention and support. We take our obligations to you seriously and aren’t doing this to get you in and out the door quickly so we can move on to our next client. Understanding your situation requires listening, caring, and respect.

What’s covered under family law? It’s a long list, and can include:

  • Pre-marriage contracts
  • Paternity challenges
  • Parenting issues and challenges
  • Divorce or separation issues like the division of assets and debts, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance

Our firm is also experienced representing LGBTQ clients and providing legal advice on a variety of issues. We are sensitive to and knowledgeable about the unique and often challenging issues LGBTQ individuals and their families can face in family law matters.

We offer a free initial one-hour consultation. Call us when you’re ready.