Our office

So, we have a new office. We love it! It’s right off Broadway, at 23 N Stewart Avenue  (Tucson, AZ 85716). We picked this location because (1) we didn’t want to be in an office tower, and (2) we wanted to be closer to our clients. Stop by and say hi! Right now we’re
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Criminal bar being “slowly destroyed”

In a recent issue of the Law Society Gazette (click here for a link to the article), a British judge warned that “dispensing justice will become ‘impossible’ if the ‘erosion’ of the criminal bar continues.” Although he was speaking specifically to the situation in Great Br
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Family Law Guide

The American  Bar Association (ABA) has published a helpful guide for those who want to get a better understanding of family law. The online version is free, and can be downloaded from the ABA website by clicking here. According to the ABA website, “This book will enable you to
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